Mediation Services

We understand that many clients are looking for alternatives to the costly and protracted litigation process. Our lawyers are adept at helping clients resolve their disputes more quickly and efficiently through negotiated settlements, arbitration and mediation. Having seen the excellent results obtainable through the mediation process, and having obtained certification from Harvard Law School’s Negotiation and Leadership Program, as well as certification from Henning Mediation and Arbitration’s programs in mediation and arbitration, attorney Jeanne Bynum Hipes became a mediator and arbitrator, in addition to her role as an advocate, and is a registered neutral with Georgia’s Office of Dispute Resolution. Jeanne is thus available to conduct both court-ordered and private mediations, as well as arbitrations. It is clear that mediation is one of, if not the, best, least expensive, and fastest ways to resolve a dispute. Just a few of the advantages of mediation include:

    • Much Faster (Litigation can take years; Mediating can often be done in a day.)
    • Much Less Expensive
    • A Good Mediator is not cheap, but is MUCH cheaper than the litigation process
    • Can Preserve Party Relationships
    • Parties Have Input on Who Mediator Will Be
    • Parties Have Input on Scheduling the Mediation; it is Set for a Date and Time Certain
    • Typically No Witnesses or Examinations, Just Parties
    • Creative Remedies Allowed/Encouraged
    • Parties Have Control Over Outcome
    • No One is Forced to Accept Terms Developed in Mediation:

    MEDIATION IS NON-BINDING Statistics indicate that 70% of court-ordered mediations are successful, while private mediations enjoy a success rate well over 90%. Moreover, while many mediations involve having lawyers for each side, a lawyer for one or both sides is not required to participate in a mediation—if they choose to do so, the parties can participate in the process without lawyers. Hipes Law LLC is available for your dispute resolution needs, as your advocate in a negotiated settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial. Attorney Jeanne Bynum Hipes is available when you or your business has a need for a neutral mediator or arbitrator to help parties resolve their business or employment dispute.